Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Psychology Of Buyers: Part 3

You have to tap into your target market's psyche, and determine what emotional appeals will cause them to buy what you are selling! You have to become a psychological detective and ask yourself the following questions about your target market:

1) What do they want (result or outcome)?

2) What gets them excited?

3) What turns them on?

4) What are their hot buttons?

5) What would cause them to take action?

To help you answer these questions, here is a list of the dominant human desires that drive people's actions:

. To feel important

. To avoid embarrassment

. To gain prestige

. To be a good provider

. To safeguard self and family

. To be a good parent

. To be in style

. To be first

. To preserve wealth or money

. To be productive

. To win the affection of others

. To win admiration

. To seek adventure

. To have control

. To protect reputation

. To be unique

. To avoid criticism

. To gain praise.

. To be acknowledged

. To make money

. To save money

. To be loved

. To be healthy

. To be attractive

. To feel good

. To be well received by others

. To be popular

. To have security

. To be successful

. To win affection

. To enjoy leisure

. To be comfortable

. To increase enjoyment

These dominant desires can be summed up under the following basic human motivations: Love, gain, duty, pride, self-indulgence and self-preservation.

So, before you can expect to write a profit producing direct response ad, you must know what your target market wants. You must know, better than anyone else, what will grab your prospect's attention, what will "turn-on" their desire, and most importantly, what will cause them to respond to what you have to offer.



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