Monday, January 09, 2006

Psychology Of Buyers

Psychology Of Buyers

Why do people buy what they buy? Ever asked yourself that question? Take, for example, people who buy  Health and physical fitness products. Why does the average, fitness consumer spend hundreds of dollars on the latest diet fads, home exercise equipment, and jogging shoes? And as if that's not enough, these same people join health clubs and spend several hours a week enduring grueling exercise routines that cause them to sweat profusely and agonize with pain for days! Is it really because these people are conscious of their health and logic tells them they need to get into better shape? Or is it because logic tells them they need to spend less time relaxing and more time sweating on a treadmill? Or is it because they enjoy paying the gym owner's rent every month, of course these aren't the reasons! Then why do these so-called " conscious" people buy into all this stuff?

Simply - because...

Their Emotional Desire To "Look Good" Impels Them To Buy!

There is only one reason a person buys a product or service (Because they expect to get a "reward." That's right... a reward. People respond to ads for weight-loss programs for the same reason they respond to sweepstakes offers... simply because they expect (0r hope) to get a reward. This "reward" may be tangible or intangible, but is almost always based on an emotional desire. Come back for the explanation, or leave your comments.


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